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Q: What is Platim?

A:  Platim -  an alloy Platinum and Sterling Silver with 2  precious metals mix together.It naturally rich in white lustre.Platim is a perfect alternative to platinum or white gold .

Q: Will the material tarnish?

A: It highly resistant to tarnishes.

Q: Is rhodium plated jewelry good?

A: There are many upsides to rhodium-plated jewelry. First, it increases shine, lustre and durability. Additionally, it will make your jewelry more resistant to scratches and if it's silver, less prone to tarnishing. ... So if you have a nickel allergy, rhodium plating is a good option for you.

Q: What is Scintilli?

A: It is a diamond simulant grown in a laboratory with an exceptionally close visual likeness to diamond.

Q: Can the ring size be altered?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the products be customised into White Gold?

A: Yes, we are able to customise that for you! Prices will be different according to the different characteristic of Gold and design.

Q: Can I return my purchase

A: Yes, you can! Angelaurora offers a 14-day return guarantee for online orders. 

Do note that products purchase can be exchanged for other goods of similar value or more.

It cannot be refunded for cash & credit.

*Custom or Special-ordered items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Q: What the condition of the return?

A: We accept returns, exchange within 14 days from the delivered date. You will only pay for return shipping and insurance fees.

Singapore & International: Returns must reach us within 14 calendar days from the delivered date.

Please note that to be eligible for a return, items must be in their original purchase condition (undamaged and in "new and unused condition"), including all product documentation, and shipped back to us within 14 days. Items showing obvious signs of wear or alteration by a jeweler other than Angelaurora will not be accepted.

Q: Are we able to view the products in person?

A: Yes! You can make an appointment with us by contacting us through our email/ Facebook/ Instagram. (enquiry.angelaurora@gmail.com)

Q: Is there any difference in price showroom and online?

A: No the items are at the same price.

Customers purchase in the showroom will only entitle 20% off.

unlikely Online purchase will be special.

Q: What are the payment methods do you offer?

A: Payment can be made by PayNow, PayLah, PayPal,

all other credit cards. ,{ Buy Now, Pay Later by Hoolah Payment Installment plan $0% interest }

Q: Do you offer to ship? 

A: Yes, We offer Worldwide Shipping.

It is absolutely FREE within Singapore.

Q: Do You Deliver International?

A: Yes, we ship internationally and rates apply.

Please note that products shipped internationally may not be designed in accordance with destination country or region standards, specifications, and labelling requirements. The customer is responsible for determining that products can be lawfully and legally imported into the destination country or region.

Q: Do I  pay customs fees to Angelaurora or Shipping Company?

A: When you place an international order, we will ship it to you. Once the package arrives in your country, the courier will contact you to collect any taxes or duties. Shipping is done via FedEx International / UPS Worldwide Express for orders and usually takes two to three days.

Q: How long I will receive my item arrival?

A: We will only ship your order once it has passed our thorough quality inspection.

You'll see an estimated shipping and delivery date for each product on every product details page. These can also be seen in Your Order Confirmation Email. Hereafter, you can expect your delivery within the above timeframes.

Q: Do you included Angelaurora Lifetime Warranty?

A: We are committed to ensuring the quality of your purchase; we stand behind everything that we sell and warrant that all items will be free from any manufacturing defects at the time of delivery. We will repair and maintain your jewellery for a lifetime.

Our lifetime Warranty offers Free complimentary cleaning service.

Q: How Do I Take Care For My Jewelry?

A: Care and maintenance of jewelry are simple. In order for your jewelry to look, Shine. it should first be rinsed in water, then wiped with a soft lint-free cloth to remove grease and dirt residue. To give it a more thorough cleaning, wash it with a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap, taking care to brush gently on the underside. Jewelry should also not be exposed to cleaning chemicals, colouring agents, chlorine, hair spray or perfume. To protect from scratches, we advise our customers to remove their jewelry before engaging in strenuous physical activity and to store all jewelry separately. 

Any further enquiries,

Feel free to contact us at the enquiry.angelaurora@gmail.com


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